Westchester Drainage Services

For property in Westchester and throughout the Hudson River Valley, drainage can be a critical factor in protecting buildings and preventing erosion. For professional site management, get professional drainage services from Westchester Masonry & Excavation. We have worked with all site and soil conditions along the Hudson River and can provide you with expert drainage management to protect your property including construction of complete drainage systems.

Drainage Services That We Provide in Westchester County

Our company offers complete and comprehensive drainage solutions.

Westchester Drainage Consultation

The first service that we provide is a drainage consultation. We thoroughly evaluate your site for all drainage issues. We look at soil issues, water table-related risks, the topography of your property, and any other important factors unique to your property. We charge a consultation fee which is refundable if you choose to accept our proposal for your drainage problem.

Westchester Drainage Solutions

After we have evaluated your property, you will present you with a drainage solution that includes best practices in the profession. You will receive a formal plan and drain design as needed plus a written proposal detailing our drainage solution.

Specific Drainage Improvements That We Provide

These are the specific drainage services that we provide our customers in Westchester County.

  • Catch Basins
  • Gravel Drains
  • Trench Drains
  • French Drains
  • Gutter Leader Drains
  • Lawn Drains
  • Curb Drains

How to Spot Drainage Problems

If you are wondering if you need help with drainage issues, here are a few tips to help you recognize drainage problems.

You see cracks forming on concrete surfaces and the faces of buildings. Nine times out of ten a drainage issue is at fault. You need to deal with the issue or the cracks and your expenses in fixing them will get a lot worse.

You start to see gaps or separations showing up between lawn structures like a patio and your home. Or there may even be a gap under a sidewalk, patio or building foundation. These need to be evaluated on the spot as they are most commonly due to drainage issues, will always get worse, and can lead to expensive structural damage if neglected.

You want your lawn to be nice and green but when you see patches of green showing up on your patio, sidewalks, driveway, or any other surface, there is typically a drainage problem. This is not a matter of heavy rains or a rainy season but inadequate drainage so that water collects. By fixing your drainage issue the green algae causing your “green” problem will go away and so will the risk of structural problems that are not as obvious.

Erosion from Water Runoff

If your property is on a slope, you may have problems with soil erosion and even structural problems. One low-lying property there can be problems with a shallow water table. Aquifers that run through rock formations can be issues on some riverside property. And, when you build on sandy soil, drainage problems can severely damage your buildings.

At Westchester Masonry & Excavation we deal with all types of drainage issues common to the Hudson River Valley. Call us for a consultation and the best drainage services in Westchester County.