Excavation Services for Westchester, NY

Most construction and paving projects, large or small, need excavation services at some point. If you need excavation services for Westchester County, NY, or anywhere in the Hudson River Valley, contact Westchester Masonry & Excavation. You will need excavation services to prepare for laying the foundation of any home, driveway, sidewalk, pool, or even a shed. This is the job of removing earth from the area involved and requires heavy equipment with a skilled operator.

Excavation work starts with clearing away underbrush, trees, rocks, and remains of any previous foundations. It may be necessary to level and compact the area before beginning excavation. When excavating, it is often necessary to reinforce the trench to prevent collapse as more and more earth is removed. When working in extremely loose soil, it is often necessary to shore up the trench with planking so that it is secure while the foundation is being poured. At Westchester Masonry & Excavation our skilled operators have years of experience providing excavation services from New Rochelle to Peekskill.

Our skilled staff has years of experience working with soil in the Hudson River Valley and beyond. This gives us a clear understanding of soil types, terrain, and specific issues that affect excavation throughout our Westchester, NY excavation service area. With the depth of experience of our staff, we can carry out excavation jobs exactly as they need to be done for each project we work on. We always work closely with our clients to make sure that excavation jobs are done in a timely, safe, and affordable manner. Westchester Masonry & Excavation is your Westchester, NY expert for federal, state, and local safety statutes and environmental regulations. We do our work so that it works out the best for you and the environment.

Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Excavation

The excavation services that we provide include all of the following:
  • Excavation of sewer and water lines
  • Electric and utility excavation
  • Bulldozing, dump truck, bobcat and skid steer services,
  • Excavation for foundations and basements
  • Sidewalk and driveway excavation

We are an excavation contractor for jobs throughout Westchester County, NY for foundation excavation, trenching, drainage work, and grading. If you need gravel or crushed concrete, concrete removal, landscape clearing, stump removal, or yard expansion and grading we will do the job for you. Other services we provide include plumbing reroutes, slope and hillside repair, plus importing, exporting, or removal of fill. We also provide snow plowing services.