Masonry Services for Westchester, NY

At Westchester Masonry & Excavation we provide masonry services for homes and businesses from New Rochelle to Peekskill and throughout Westchester County, NY. The term used in landscaping for permanent structures is hardscape. These structures include walkways, pathways, sitting and retaining walls, fire pits, and outdoor stairs. We use the uniform, crisp shapes of stone cut by our expert stonemasons to create function and beauty in your yard and around your home or business. Because we also provide excavation services, we do all hardscaping jobs from start to finish. We work in a wide variety of materials to create a formal look, an appearance of natural beauty, or the “look” that you desire and that fits your landscape design preference.

Types of Masonry Construction That We Offer

At Westchester Mason & Excavation our stonemasons use brick, stone, and rock to create the structures that you need.

Brick Masonry Construction

For your retaining wall or decorative mailbox, an excellent choice is brick. Brick has a timeless quality, never goes out of style, is stable, and durable. Use brick in cement or brick in mud construction to give you the look and feel that you desire for your masonry.

Stone Masonry Construction

Using natural stone, our stonemasons create rustic, natural, and beautiful structures. Stone is durable as you can see from structures from ancient times that are still beautiful and functional after hundreds and thousands of years. It can be hard to find an accomplished, professional stonemason in our times, but at Westchester Masonry & Excavation we have the time-honored skills needed to create functional and gorgeousl stone masonry constructions for you.

Concrete Masonry Construction

For fireproof, affordable, durable masonry construction that is easy to install, concrete is your first choice. We are experts at working with concrete to create functional and durable structures. We can produce artistic and beautiful structures using stamped or polished aggregate concrete to give you structures with extra visual appeal.

Work with Professional Stonemasons

Masonry is a trade with hundreds if not thousands of years of tradition and skills. Our expert stonemasons have skills that have been passed down over the centuries and apply these skills to give you structures of excellent beauty, function, and durability. We use only the most reliable and durable materials. We are all licensed and highly experienced. When we do your masonry work you will have structures of beauty and structures that are functional at affordable rates. You will be as proud of our work in a generation as you will be the day that we finish.

A Portfolio of Our Masonry Masterpieces

Here are some of the masterpieces that our professionals have created.

Flagstone Walkways and Patios

The timeless and rustic appearance of a flagstone walkway or patio is always appealing. These structures blend into your yard with grass growing between and around the stones.

Dry-laid Stone Walls

These are commonly seen in old New England construction. Our skilled crew can create masterpieces of art with dry-laid walls and other structures.

Stone Fireplaces and Fire Pits

These natural stone structures look great, increase the resale value of your home, and let you grill out of doors even in the winter months.

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